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Many web design firms offer search engine optimization as an extra add on to your site, like a CD changer in a new car. For an informational site or an ecommerce site that relies on qualified traffic to make sales, that is not acceptable. Search engine optimization needs to be a core part of the strategic planning process.

At Webvolve, we approach SEO as a core business function for any informational or ecommerce site. It begins with strategic planning and research, includes tactical planning and execution and completes with measurement, analysis and adjustment.

The SEO Cycle:

Many web design firms begin by designing a site that looks the way you (the site owner) want and that has the features you (the site owner) want. Then, almost as an after thought they consider things like:

Keyword Research - Good SEO always starts with good keyword research. SEO strategy begins here. First you must identify keywords that:

  • Your potential customers are searching for
  • You have the chance to rank well for
  • Are likely to lead to sales

Site Architecture and Link Structure - Once you have determined the keywords you need to target (long term and short term) you want to make sure that you organize your site so that you have specific pages, content and links to target each of these terms.

Content - Both potential customers and search engines look for quality, unique content that is relevant to their needs. Once you have determined your site structure and link structure, you need to make sure you have the content needed to support the keywords you are targeting. Since we already know your potential customers are searching for these keywords, we also know they want to see this content.

Title Tags, Meta Tag and other On Page Optimization Factors - These are factors that every Tom, Dick and Harry in the SEO world talks about. They do matter, and we will work with you to perfect them, but they have far less impact than the other factors we will also help you focus on.

Backlinks - In today's search engine environment, there is really no such thing as search engine optimization without a plan to get quality links to your site from other sites. This is the #1 factor used today to determine ranking for competitive keywords. We will help you plan and execute a backlink strategy that will work for you.

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