New and Improved Website Server

  • Tuesday, 17th January, 2017
  • 07:19am
For the new year in 2017, Webvolve has enhanced the reliability of the servers that host your website and email! Your website has moved from a shared hosting environment to a dedicated server environment. Instead of having to share resources with thousands of other websites from around the world, your website is on a server with a handful of accounts completely managed by Webvolve.

What does this mean for you?

Lightning Fast Connections - With more resources available to you, your potential clients will never experience a delay in getting to your website. And the improved server response times will help your rankings with Google!

Improved Server Reliability - Your website is now on a dedicated server that is housed in a state-of-the-art data center with improved monitoring. This new platform offers us better SLA times with the network administrators within the data center so that the 24-48 hour response time for support tickets previously will be reduced to within the hour.

Enhanced Data Backup Capability - In addition to the normal daily, weekly, and monthly website backups that Webvolve has always provided, we will be doing regular offsite data backups of your crucial website data. Even in the event of a catastrophic event at the data center, you can be assured that you will not lose your website or email.

Integrated Access to All Webvolve Services - Within the new Client Area, you will now be able to manage all aspects of your account. Quickly create email accounts for your domain, review your domain registration status, view past invoices, and submit support tickets to Webvolve all from one management interface.

And all of this without adding a cent to your monthly or yearly website bill!
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